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Mark's Motivation - Daily Thought - 01-02-2020 through 29-02-2020

[03:39, 01/02/2020]

Make a difference to someone's life today. Listen carefully. Say, I love you Give a hug Have a fantastic day!

[05:43, 02/02/2020]

Be bold and very courageous

[04:04, 03/02/2020]

You will act when you feel you must.

[06:13, 04/02/2020]

When you do something great, achieve a goal, fulfill one of your dreams... celebrate! [04:49, 05/02/2020]

Good morning! Reach out to someone today who you would not normally spend time with, and ask them about their life. The results will amaze you! [04:42, 06/02/2020]

Doing is way more valuable than talking. Being is the ultimate goal.

[07:33, 07/02/2020]

Good morning Reach out and hug someone!

[07:29, 08/02/2020]

Good morning It is in the small daily commitment to growth that we create the certainty that humans crave. And it is through this certainty that we can create variety. Reinforce your daily rituals. I have come up with a new formula: W W W W W W=Wake up When you wake, get up. No wasting time. W=Walk & Listen... get out and walk and while you are walking listen to inspiration - a song, motivation speech, music... W=write. Every day! Write your gratitude, then write your goals, W=Why. Write your why... I am... I am.. i am W=work out. No matter what, you must work out. Do it right where you are. And now you are ready to go on with your day! Make it amazing!

[03:10, 09/02/2020]

Hey... good morning 5am'ers! Invest 5 mins this morning in concentration about what you really want to attain today Come up with 3 things you will do today no matter what! Make them big. Make them scary Go do them! Have a brilliant day!

[05:45, 10/02/2020]

In giving to others we reach our highest purpose. Find a way to give today.

[04:55, 11/02/2020]

Put your hands on your heart and say "I am the source" For surely, all things start when you decide that you will take action. Be the source: Abundant, plentiful and endless

[03:14, 12/02/2020]

The power to do great things in your life is in your hands. It lies solely in creating an idea of what you want to attain and then exercising your will to do it. Each time you succeed, you grow. Celebrate success... share it... even when it's a simple achievement like waking up at 5am! Have an amazing day! [05:49, 13/02/2020]

There is no failure when trying to learn and grow... So it didn't work for you today? Figure out why... Note the variables... Come up with a new plan and go for it again. You must never give up nor surrender [06:57, 14/02/2020]

Happy Valentine's Day! Anticipation is better than realization. When you are striving to attain your goal, you remain focused on what is before you, it shines clearly in your mind and all other things fade. Upon getting what seemed so important, we find that there are other higher things that mean more and our desired objective, having now been attained, fades into the colourful story of our past. Write out your desired objectives today and visualize the feeling as you complete them... how does it feel to you? Aspire to worthy things... Reject mediocrity and desire to be on the edge of greatness... Hugs Mark

[07:42, 15/02/2020]

As I move my hand, I realise that it moves all alone. I had a thought which was to pick up my coffee. Everything after that thought was automatic. Why? Because I learned how to do this so now I do it without effort. Here's today's thought: Whatever you train into yourself will eventually become automatic. All you have to do is decide what you want and train yourself to get it.

[05:06, 16/02/2020]

Good morning A new day! It's yours to do with as you wish. Create beauty with your life. [05:49, 17/02/2020]

Focus is the ability to concentrate on one thing. Write down one thing that will be done today, no matter what. Then pursue it with all your energy. It will be done. [03:28, 18/02/2020]

Good morning... with so many new-comers I would like to welcome you to this group and to share with you the 5 am Club. It's an amazing book. Waking up at 5 am is life-changing and creates a flow of good things in your life..

[03:28, 18/02/2020]

Have a great day [03:56, 19/02/2020]

Be a boss! Write down 3 crazy goals for today and then do them! [04:08, 20/02/2020]

Focus on what you want and you will begin to move towards what you want. Part of focus is to write down what you want in clear details. The next part of focus is to imagine that you have already done it. Write out what you want, then close your eyes and imagine it complete. Have a great day [07:10, 22/02/2020]

Good morning! You must celebrate your successes as you go along. A celebration is a meaningful acknowledgement that you have made significant progress towards your desired accomplishment. Today I celebrated a week of early rising with a sleep in. Wonderful! Have an amazing day.

[03:57, 23/02/2020]

Practice makes mastery. Master your work, master your emotions, master your decisions by practicing over and over you become a master.The key? Do it differently each time. Mastery is of great value.

[05:29, 24/02/2020]

Sometimes it will seem difficult. Do it anyway!

[05:32, 25/02/2020]

Never quit until you achieve your desired accomplishment

[06:06, 25/02/2020]

[04:00, 26/02/2020]

You are special! Thank you for being part of this group. You challenge me to be my best and inspire me to grow... Today I ask you to find one person who encourages you, and personally thank them Have an incredible day

[19:58, 26/02/2020]

[04:09, 27/02/2020]

The best gifts are those that last forever. Kind words create wonderful memories and are the building blocks of great friendships. Have an amazing day! [09:44, 28/02/2020]

Good morning! It was a travelling day and I just arrived home... Feeling thankful for all the blessings in my life... And thankful for you [05:35, 29/02/2020]

I am what I think about! Therefore, I must think about what I want to see happen in my life, and not the things I dont want. Write down what you want to be/do. Now think of you as the new person. Your mind will do the work for you. You will become what you think about!

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