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Low level concentration - High expectation = Massive disappointment

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If you do not concentrate on what you have to do, however would you expect to get a great result.

Yet this seems to be the modus operandi of the majority of people today.

Focused, concentration is a thing that is rare to find. Journals tell us that we get interrupted every few minutes and that to get back to where we were before we got interrupted takes almost 20 minutes, meaning we never get to do our best work.

High level concentration is essential for ideas to grow and to incubate great thoughts. You can't do in on an instagram feed or a tiktok video. Yes, sure you can communicate some cool stuff through those channels; deep thinking? No.

You have to:

  1. lock the door,

  2. turn off the phone and

  3. close the internet and you may stand a chance of getting somewhere.

Start with a piece of paper and write down your idea. No digital devices. just a plain old piece of paper and a pencil. Write, draw and create.

Have a piece of paper or some PostIt's on the side for random rogue mental invasions. You know what I mean? You are thinking about your article when you suddenly remember that you need to buy razor blades. Just put those onto a PostIt and get back to what you were doing. Dismiss the rogues.

Avoid rabbit holes! A rabbit hole is a carefully disguised quick check up of a fact or interesting idea that you have that leads you to the internet. You click, you search, then you find something that catches your mind, oops, an hour has passed... and your paper is blank.

Strict self-discipline in this process is essential to getting brilliant results.

Stay with the piece of paper and write stuff down. get the ideas flowing. Have many pieces of paper... jot the rogue on another page and keep it for a future study.

Finish what you have started.

When you use this technique you will avoid disappointment, you will come off as brilliant and you will grow.

Try it out and see!

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